Congress organizations


  • Date and location
  • Pre-reservation
  • Budget preparation
  • General planning and workflow
  • Confirmation of meeting and accommodation
  • Opening cocktail and gala night planning organization
  • According to the number of participants in the meeting organization of accommodation
  • Meeting rooms layout planning
  • Food and beverage service planning
  • Organization of audiovisual equipment and electronic system requirements
  • Airport transfer organization
  • Domestic and international ticket organization
  • Transport organizations from the hotels to the congress center
  • Excursion event organizations before and after congress

Our aim, Exgos Tour to provide the best service to our Meeting and Congress groups with our professional team to carry out a successful organization and to ensure that all participants are happy and pleased to be separated from each other.

You can contact from the following numbers and e-mail addresses for your group requests ...

+ 90 242 311 0 110 Official Head Office

+90 555 736 59 09 Mobile Direct Call

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